Sunday, October 28, 2012

Speak Out for Vinay

Important information and updates about Vinay K. Bharadwaj and his unfortunate situation after joining Nithyananda's cult.

Swami Nithyananda (Mr. Rajashekara):

Self-proclaimed religious leader and 'Enlightened Master' Swami Nithyananda of Nithyananda Foundation, Life Bliss Foundation, Nithyanananda Dhyanapeetam, and Nithyananda Vedic Temples is facing multiple charges of fraud, rape, criminal intimidation and money laundering in Karnataka, India. 

He was under investigation by the CID (Central Intelligence Department) of India and two chargesheets have been filed against him as a result of the investigation.  In a separate case in USA, in June of 2012, “Nithyananda Foundation” was found guilty of fraud in federal civil court, in which the jury voted unanimously in the decision.  

The USA federal judge further declared that Nithyananda is an agent of Nithyananda Foundation.  Nithyananda Foundation is also facing several other lawsuits in USA and India.  Nithyananda is currently absconding from authorities. He is wanted for questioning by the state police of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in connection with complaints against him.

Vinay K Bharadwaj:

Software Engineer at Microsoft for over five years, Vinay graduated with high distinction earning a Bachelor's Degree from the highly prestigious India Institute of Technology (IIT). After graduation from IIT Bombay, Vinay continued his education and received a Master's Degree from Rice University in Houston, TX.   Young man, with a promising future ahead of him at Microsoft, was planning to get married in 2006.  At present he is wrongly convicted on falsified sex abuse with minor charges and serving time in a Washington State corrections facility.

Meeting With Nithyananda:

Vinay initially met Nithyananda in 2005 in Seattle at a public discourse held at University of Washington.  Nithyananda convinced Vinay that through him he could achieve "enlightenment" and liberation from the life-and-death cycle. Vinay  was persuaded by Nithyananda to join his mission.  Vinay quit his career at Microsoft soon became a full-time member of the organization.

Life at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple Seattle:

Vinay's intentions were noble:  he wanted to attain enlightenment while at same time helping society by being a part of Nithyananda's organization.  Over the course of three to four years he taught meditation classes and assisted with a variety of religious ceremonies at the Nithyananda Vedic Temple of Seattle.  However, during this time, he became a victim of Nithyananda's sex abuse and subsequent retaliation for speaking out against the abuse he suffered.

Swami With A Sex Contract:

Under the pretext of practicing tantra, Nithyananda has allegedly abused many of his disciples, making them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) similar to the one shown here to intimidate them into not coming forward.  The victims were forced to sign the document without proper counsel and it is doubtful this is a valid legal document. In fact, the members that signed did not fully understand the repurcussion of signing this document nor that they would become the victims of the perverse activities of a sexual predator. 

Nithyananda sexually abused Vinay multiple times both in India and in USA over the course of approximately two and half years.  Nithyananda is believed to have abused more than 40 (some estimates are close to 100) such female and male members multiple times each between 2005 and 2010.  Indian police officials with the CID (Criminal Investigation Department, India) were able to retrieve a few copies of the sex NDA document, but Nithyananda's henchmen destroyed most of them.

Realization that He was Being Victimized:

In late 2008, Vinay began to have doubts about Nithyananda's actions and started making enquiries among fellow members in the organization to see if they were also the victims of sex abuse from Nithyananda.  There was no spiritual benefit to the sex abuse he was suffering.  Further, when Vinay visited India in 2009, he verbalized criticism that Nithyananda was a fraud. 

Unfortunately for Vinay, Nithyananda quickly heard of Vinay's doubts from other members in the organization.  This led Nithyananda to first verbally abuse, and then to threaten Vinay in front of several cult members, in order to intimidate him into silence.  

Nithyananda also instructed Aarthi Rao, also a member and devotee, to write an email to Vinay saying no sexual abuse was taking place in the ashram.  Aarthi Rao blindly obeyed Nithyananda's command, in spite of being a victim herself. Aarthi Rao along with Vinay Bharadwaj are amongst the victims listed in a 430-page charge sheet filed by Karnataka CID against Nithyananda in Karnataka, India and about to go to trial.

Repercussions for Speaking Out:

Nithyananda influenced a temple priest to file a fabricated criminal case against Vinay in June 2010 in Seattle, WA (USA) for "harassment of one of the priest's relatives" after the above incidents.  Note that this case was filed immediately  after Nithyananda was released on bail from Karnataka prison.  

This case was won by Vinay and quickly dismissed.  In order to silence Vinay, and to prevent him from taking action against him, Nithyananda convinced the same temple priest to cooperate with another fabricated criminal case against Vinay in October 2010. 

Vinay had been in India talking to the Karnataka CID police authorities in India to file a sex abuse case against Nithyananda. When he got to know of the false charges against him in Seattle, Vinay chose to defend himself and prove his innocence in Seattle court (Note: to date Nithyananda has failed to cooperate with investigation or face trial for charges against him, but instead has tried to intimidate the victims by filing various cases through members of his organization). Unfortunately for Vinay, the verdict went against him in this Seattle case.

All of the witnesses from the prosecution, including the alleged victim were continuing members of the Nithyananda cult have lied under oath as well as have verbalized their willingness to lie for Nithyananda.

Wrongly Convicted:
Vinay has been unfortunately become the victim of retaliation for speaking out against Nithyananda's criminal organization.  He is currently serving his sentence in a state correctional center. Vinay, and his family, need all the support and help in fighting the evil of Nithyananda and his organization. Further, Vinay is a key witness in the Karnataka CID case against Nithyananda in India.  A legal defense fund is being established for Vinay Bharadwaj, of which all donations will go to support the legal representation of Vinay so he can clear his name and prove his innocence. 

What You Can Do to Help:

Please donate to Vinay's legal defense fund to help him fight
this case on appeal. You can donate here.  Please mention the
money is for Vinay Bharadwaj and it will be forwarded to his
family to assist with his legal defense.

If you happen to know any of Vinay's friends and well-wishers,
please forward this blog post to them so they can learn about how
to help. 

If you happen to have information pertaining to the case that will
help Vinay, please send me a message.  I will forward it
immediately to concerned authorities.

Do not patronize or support any organization affiliated with

Many thanks for your support on this important case!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Public Demand On Nithyananda and Henchmen

Nithyananda and Close Henchmen Named on the "Rape Case" Chargesheet:

You have committed several horrendous crimes against humanity.  The public wants you to:

  1. Acknowledge the grave crimes you have committed.
  2. Unconditionally withdraw all cases including reverting the decision against Vinay K Bharadwaj.
  3.  Compensate monetarily all the victims, including your cult members (excluding henchmen).
  4. Issue a public apology to all victims, investigators, and public.  Including falling at their feet for deceiving them. So that they can begin their real healing.
  5. Spend the rest of your life in jail voluntarily - rigorous imprisonment since you have wasted tax payer money evading the law.

Note:   source of above is comments from the public from various forum on the web.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nithyananda - FAQ


In this post, I will provide some information about the self proclaimed "Enlightened Master" Nithyananda.  I have gathered this information from reliable sources, including a very small amount of first hand experience. I have also formed my opinions based on careful inference from reading the more factual articles about Nithyananda and his organization on the web.  If you find anything to contrary, please feel free to send me a message, I will try to update the post if the information is credible.  I will also be updating the post with necessary web links in subsequent revisions.

Q & A:

1. Is Nithyananda Enlightened or has he realized the ultimate truth?

No.  Absolutely not.  He cannot even speak simple truths, there is no chance of him experiencing ultimate truth.

2. Is Nithyananda God?

No. Absolutely not, see #1 above.  His actions show that he does not even qualify as a decent human being.
The fact that he was literally begging Lenin not to reveal the sleaze tapes shows that he is a coward.

3. I can feel Shiva's energy near him, so isn't he Shiva?

No.  You can feel some energy during his energy darshan, see explanation below.  The idea that it is Shiva's energy has been put in your head by Nithyananda or his close associates.

4. Can Nithyananda enlighten others?

No.  See #1 above.  Further, nobody can enlighten another person.  Everyone has to walk the path themselves.  Even if others try to walk the same path of an enlightened person, they might not achieve the same result.

5. Are there other people who can be considered enlightened?

U. G Krishnamurthi, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharishi, Eric Scott Pearl etc in recent past have achieved different mental states.  Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta have done some thinking deeply about the question "Who am I".

6. Nithyananda was practicing tantra, so his having sex is acceptable?

No. Tantrics live in cemeteries and other "dark places" outside of mainstream society.  This is their way of clearly advertising to the world that they are tantrics.  Nithyananda was deceiving his disciples in mainstream society for his carnal pleasure.

7. Nithyananda had a sex NDA in place, so is sex is ok?

No.  Absolutely not.  Many of the "volunteers" did not have proper counsel looking out for their interests, they were not even given time to read the text.  They were made to sign the NDA under pressure cooker environs of the cult and told not to discuss it with anyone including their parents.  They way in which they were trapped into having sex with him shows that this is just sex exploitation.  Further, they were promised enlightenment after sex with Nithyananda.

8. Nithyananda performed fire purification after the Ranjitha scandal so is he pure again?

No. Absolutely not, the "time out" for the crimes he committed is a lot more severe.  Further, it is not about him, but the victims.  The victims need healing first, obviously this simple concept seems to be beyond Nithyananda's understanding.

9. Can Nithyananda awaken kundalini and make you levitate?

No. The big show in Jul 2011 front of public and media was a publicity stunt.  Some of his disciples might have felt some tingling in spine.  This does not mean their kundalini is awakened, the levitation part was just voluntary hopping.

10. Does Nithyananda have some special energy?

Yes.  You can feel it during his energy darshan.

11. Does Nithyananda have healing ability?

Yes.  It is possible, but  according to anecdotal evidences, the effectiveness depends on the patient.  His track record at healing is similar to Reiki at best.

12. Are there other's who have healing ability?

A couple of others  in past and present who have healing ability - Mikao Usui, Eric Scott Pearl.  I have personally attended Dr. Eric Scott pearl's seminar, his track record at healing is definitely much better.  If you  want to experience it, just buy "The Reconnection" book, you can sometimes pick up the healing frequency right off the book, it is a pleasant vibration (I am not a member of any organization affiliated with Dr. Pearl).

13. Can Nithyananda download vast amounts of information instantly?

No, this is a big myth. e.g. his track record at learning Kannada, which he tried for a long time.

14. Nithyananda is neither man nor woman.  He has a 6 year old body.  He does not associate with his body.  He does not feel sexual pleasure ... etc.  Facts or Myth?

All myths. The fact that Nithyananda is not allowing himself to be subjected to simple medical tests shows that this is his way of trying to wriggle out of the rape cases against him.

15. Does Nithyananda work for your benefit?

No.  He and his cult is all about Nithyananda and glorifying himself.

16.  Does Nithyananda have a deep understanding of Vedas?  Are  his teachings authentic?

No.  His teachings can be considered quackery at best, there is no real benefit to you at all.  Some of his teachings are outright copied from other masters and at times misinterpreted.  Only occasionally does he properly acknowledge the fact that he is copying.

17.  Is Nithyananda is qualified to be a spiritual guide?

No.  Absolutely not.  The fact that he continues to misguide his followers - including Ranjitha after the scandal clearly shows he is not fit to guide anyone in any realm.

18. Is Nithyananda running an ashram or charitable foundation?

Neither.  He is running a cult.  You dont have even basic citizen's rights in the cult [cult modus operandi video].  Further, he is running a pyramid scheme - members recruiting others who in turn recruit several others.  Most are encouraged to pledge 10% of their salary to his organization.

19.  Many highly qualified and educated people follow him, shouldn't that give him credibility?

No.  A lot more people who were educated and were fooled by him initially have left his organization.  Many of them have filed cases against him or speaking out against the injustice suffered due to Nithyananda.  The hangers on are either still fooled or in it for personal gain.

20. Can Nithyananda's energy field improve quality of life of the people living in the same city?

No. Example his track record at Bidadi.

21. Viewer: what can I do to help?

If you are a cult member:
  • Step away from the cult.
  • Seek help from your pre-cult close family and friends and other well wishers to integrate back into society
  • Do not answer any calls from the cult.
  • If you have information that will help convict Nithyananda, please contact the #s listed in the page here
If you are a regular citizen:
  • Raise a voice against the current cult members saying that their guru and his ways are wrong and at times breaking the law.
  • Bring the case in front of your local government representative about the destructive influence of the Nithyananda cult.  Certainly ask them to block entry of this destructive cult into your country.
  • Do not support any temple or organization that is related to Nithyananda and his cult.
  • If you have information that will help convict Nithyananda, please contact the #s listed in the page here.
  • If you can make a monetary contribution, please donate using information in the page here.
If you are a victim:
  • Please contact the police immediately using the contact numbers listed here
  • Please do not bow down to any pressure or bribes from Nithyananda's organization.
  • Prosecute them to to full extent of the law, you can also use the support network at the website here